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At 04:22 PM 1/25/02 -0600, you wrote:
>Howdy all
>I just received this in my email and wanted to know if you all could help
>the request if not the full name documentation for 'Laura Elena' of purported
>Iberian persona.
>Borek, Star
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>Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 12:50:59 -0800
>From: Elizabeth Rivera <erianthe_ at hotmail.com>
>Subject: Past name documentation: Maria Elena de los Santos
>To: herald at ansteorra.org
>I am new to the SCA and am researching a name for my persona.  Although I
>understand that past approval is not evidence for new approval, I would
like to
>ask you for the documentation references for a name that was registered in
>I undertstand that past name registration does not constitute
documentation for
>new registrations and that standards have changed considerably even in recent
>years.  However, if these names were  validly documented, I would like to
>the bibliographies.
>The name in question here is Laura Elena, to be used with an Iberian
persona of
>an undetermined time period.  I would like to document not just the use of
>names Laura and Elena in SCA compatible Iberia , but also to find
>for the use of two given names in period.
>The society records show that you registered the name "Maria Elena de los
>Santos" (January 2000).  If this name was not registered under the mundane
>exception, would it be possible for you to provide me with the pertinent
>Thank you for your time.
>Elizabeth M. Rivera Hudders
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