[ANSTHRLD] Bonwicke Badges

doug bell magnus77840 at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 27 22:29:16 PST 2002

>1. (fieldless) A Latin cross sable, overall a square flag Per pale, Or and
>Gules, a pale indented counterchanged.

Regrettably, it is returnable for use of an large overall charge on
fieldless badge, obscuring the cross to make it
unidentifiable, and probably presumption for use of
a flag charged with another piece of armory.  I remember
a ship with a charged sail was returned for that and
banner being carried was returned for being charged
with different armory.
Daniel can probably find the precedents faster than I can.
I don't think the recent rule change on augmentations on
cantons or escutcheons will affect this.

>2. Per pale Or and Gules, a pale indented counterchanged.

This is the barony's armory without the Laurel wreath.
It should be clear and registerable.


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