[ANSTHRLD] Bonwicke Badges

Darin Herndon darin_herndon at bswintl.com
Sun Jan 27 22:58:19 PST 2002

>>> k2cook at prodigy.net 01/27/02 11:41PM >>>
1. (fieldless) A Latin cross sable, overall a square flag Per pale, Or
and Gules, a pale indented counterchanged.

2. Per pale Or and Gules, a pale indented counterchanged.


I had been in contact with HL Kainin back in the fall.  The number 2.
item appeared clear at that time (only conflicting with your barony's
own arms).  I encourage you to register it with all speed as it will
provide a suitable badge, livery, or ensign for members of your barony
when used properly.

I had discussed several possibilities with Kainin for your order badge
and posted them to this list for comment.  The most preferred choice for
your order badge, as Kainin discussed with me, was what you have listed
as 1. above.  In retrieving comments however, as Magnus has noted in a
previous email, it does violate some rules and would not be
registerable.  The alternative choices that Kainin and I offered up to
the list had various good and bad points.  I have to get into my archive
at home to get all of the comments on those suggestions but will forward
them to you ASAP so that you can see what alternatives were discussed
and what comments they elicited.

Nordsteorra Herald

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