[ANSTHRLD] Dec 2001 LoAR - Ansteorra

Ryder, Brent BRYDER at compucom.com
Fri Mar 1 07:17:47 PST 2002


Aaron MacGregor. Device. Per bend bendy argent and gules and sable, a
sinister hand argent.

    He has a letter of permission to conflict from Kenric Manning,
    Lozengy azure and Or, a hand argent.

Brictiva of Ixworth. Name.

Eleanor Fairchild. Name (see RETURNS for device).

    Good name!

Gunnora Hallakarva. Device. Per fess gules and azure, a catamount
passant and a kestrel maintaining a garb Or.

    Her previous device was returned because the garb was drawn too
    large to be a maintained charge, causing it to be co-primary with
    the catamount and the kestrel. It was thus returned for
    overcomplexity (using a charge group with three types of
    charge). She has followed Laurel's advice and drawn the garb small
    enough to be a maintained charge.

James of Gate's Edge. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for
name). Per saltire argent and vert, in pale two dragons rampant and in
fess two roundels counterchanged.

    Submitted with the name James Hamilton.

Joanna of the Plains. Device. Sable, four horseshoes openings to
dexter two and two Or.

Kateline de Lys. Name and device. Azure, a cat salient between two
fleurs-de-lys in bend sinister Or.

Kouac Myclos. Name change from Kowacz Myklos.

    This was an appeal of a change made when the name was registered.

    The name change provides a form of the byname Kouac that is closer
    to the originally requested form and that makes the two elements
    more temporally consistant.

    The name Kowacz Myklos is released.

Nicolette de Loria. Badge. (Fieldless) A dragonfly sable winged vert.

Rachel Kirk. Name and device. Per bend gules and argent, two
fleurs-de-lys counterchanged.

Rumil Fletcher. Name change from Rumo Fletcher.

    Rumil is a constructed Russian given name. "Rum(ianyi): 1)red,
    rosy; 2)beauty (example Rumianets)" is listed in the "Themes"
    section in the on-line version of Paul Wickenden of Thanet's A
    Dictionary of Period Russian Names. Regarding the construction of
    Rumil, Paul Wickenden stated, "Rumil might be better, using the
    Rum- theme [...] and just adding an -il ending." Mixing Russian
    and English is a weirdness.

    His previous name, Rumo Fletcher, is released.

Uriangqadai {Cv}inoajin. Name change from {Cv}inoajin Uriangqadai.

    (The character before "inoajin" is a Latin capital letter C with
    caron, a capital C with a small v- or u-shaped mark above it.)

    This was an appeal of a change made when the name was registered.

    The submitter provided documentation that bynames indicating a
    person's tribe may appear before the given name in Mongolian
    names. Therefore, Mongolian names may be registered with either a
    tribal byname or given name as the first element. As Uriangqadai
    is a tribal byname, we are changing this name to the originally
    requested order.

    His previous name, {Cv}inoajin Uriangqadai, is released.

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