[ANSTHRLD] Dec LoAR 2001 - Ansteorra - Returns

Ryder, Brent BRYDER at compucom.com
Fri Mar 1 07:19:27 PST 2002

sorry, forgot to clip this and add it to the last email

Borek, Star
Under Returns:

Eleanor Fairchild. Device. Per bend azure and argent, in chief a lily

    Conflict with Karol Johanna Gartenheit, (Fieldless) A jonquil
    blossom bell to chief Or. There is one CD for fieldlessness but
    nothing for the change in the type of flower. When a jonquil is in
    this posture, it is visually similar enough to a lily that we
    cannot give a CD for the change in type. There is also no
    difference given for placement on the field versus a fieldless

James Hamilton. Name.

    This name is being returned for conflict with James Hamilton
    (1606-1649), third Marquess and first Duke of Hamilton, who has
    his own entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica.

    His armory has been registered under the holding name James of
    Gate's Edge.

Malcolm MacLean. Name.

    No forms were received for this submission

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