[ANSTHRLD] Dec LoAR 2001 - Ansteorra - Returns

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Sat Mar 2 10:42:05 PST 2002

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Maybe the forms went to the
place George Carlin says all those socks go to.

Malcolm MacLean

Or maybe they're in the stacks of "wha????" that Asterisk is wading through.
 We have another work session scheduled for tomorrow afternoon (Sun Mar 3) so
we'll put this on the list of stuff to look for.  If it's any comfort to you,
we've found a great many things.  So far it seems that it's all there, but
it's not all in the appropriate stack / folder / hanging file /
date-or-alphabetical order.

And may I, once again, for ever and ever, give word praise to Emma (Obelisk)
for updating the work of Daniel and Griffin to bring the Index of Ansteorra
Submissions up to date.  It is *such* a comfort to have a lost and lonely
form in your hands and be looking at the entry that tells you where it's
supposed to be.  It is even a comfort, although somewhat less so, to be
looking at the blank spot that tells you it has no official status yet and
needs to be processed from the beginning.  Thanks again, Emma!


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