[ANSTHRLD] Gulf Wars reminder

Wendy Erisman werisman at alumni.rice.edu
Thu Mar 7 15:08:31 PST 2002

Greetings --

Just a reminder that there will be a heraldic consultation table at Gulf
Wars XI. We will, of course, need name and armory consultants and heraldic
artists. Heralds at all experience levels are very welcome.

On Tuesday, the consultation table will be closed so that Herald's Point
can host a mini-collegium with a variety of heraldic classes. There will
also be classes, as well as several heraldic meetings, on other days before
the table opens. The tentative schedule for Herald's Point is:

4pm -- Gulf Wars Herald's Meeting

9 am -- SCA Heraldic Submissions (2 hours)  Lord Cuhelyn
9 am -- Conflict Checking for Beginners (2 hours) Dame Gwenllian ferch
11 am -- Marshalling for Heralds  Lord James of Middle Aston
11 am – Precedence 101:  Ansteorra   Timothy of Glastinbury
1 pm -- Basic/Intermediate Heraldry  Baron Shoiel bin Yisrael
1 pm -- Troubleshooting for Local Heralds  Lady Katryne MacIntosh the Strange
2 pm -- Introduction to Omnastic Heraldry  Lord Colm Dubh
2 pm -- Who's That in the Hat? (Meridian Precedence & Protocol)  Meradudd
3 pm -- Period Name Construction  HL Mari nic Bryan (Pelican Queen of Amrs)
4 pm -- Court Heraldry   Master Carlwyn George Ordragoun of Canterbury
4 pm -- English Inn & Tavern Names   Lord Colm Dubh
5 pm -- Computer Conflict Checking  Sandor Doza

9 am-11:30 am Pelican Queen of Arms Road Show  HL Mari nic Bryan
11:30 am -- Gulf Wars Style Submissions Tables   Mistress Bronwen o Gydweli
NOON-7 pm  Consultation Table Open

9 am -- Basic "How to Run a List"  Janessia Cheronnet de Champagne
10 am -- Alternative Tourney Formats   Janessia Cheronnet de Champagne
10-11:30 am -- College of Arms meeting
NOON-7 pm  Consultation Table Open
7:30 pm  Known World Herald's Social

9 am -- Heralding Period Tourneys and Emprise  Lord Tibor
10 am-6 pm  Consultation Table Open

10 am-1 pm  Consultation Table Open

Gulf Wars XI will be held March 11-17, 2002, in Lumberton, MS. See the Gulf
Wars website <http://www.gulfwars.org/> for more information.

Gulf Wars Heraldic Consultation Coordinator

Dame Gwenllian ferch Maredudd, Bright Leaf Herald
Buckston-on-Eno, Windmasters' Hill, Atlantia

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