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tmcd@jump.net tmcd at jump.net
Thu Mar 7 16:48:24 PST 2002

>> The online Heraldic Submissions Tracker at
>> http://heraldry.ansteorra.org/hst/
> I went to this link (been there before) and I see nothing about the
> Laurel Letters nor the March ILoI...unless you mean the information
> IN the letters has been added...which you may mean and I am missing
> the boat here.

Well, I'm afraid there's definitely a extremely large device which
achieves buoyancy by means of Archimedian displacement, and you have
indeed failed to board it.

If you look at any HST entry, you'll see that it includes the type,
the date of each step of its processing, and the result, but it does
not give the blazon or the text written for any particular step.

> Where might I see the letters

Well, if you go to most any particular entry, say
    http://heraldry.ansteorra.org/hst/names/D.html#Daniel de Lincoln
(for a non-random example) you will see that most end with something
    Laurel registered _10/95._
where the _10/95_ here represents a hyperlink.  Click it and you will
be taken to that Laurel Letter of Acceptance and Return.

That handles just Laurel actions.  However, note that the Web page URL
that you quoted above was
If you just remove the "hst/" at the end, you get
and you'll see all sorts of interesting stuff, like Internal Letters
of Intent, Internal Collated Commentary, and Letters of Intent -- all
the pre-Laurel stuff.

Daniel "clue-by-four now comes in Nerf" de Lincolia
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