Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at bmc.com
Fri Mar 8 10:43:55 PST 2002

>4/15/00: Lord Borek Vitalievich Volkov
>         (Hmmm.  Didn't realize Francois had a short tenure, or why.)

Because (everyone, all together now...) "Thou shalt NOT have Star,
Asterisk, and Bordure scheduled to step down at the same time!"  When
Francois, Kathri, & I stepped up as Star, Asterisk, and Bordure, the
coordination was a nightmare.  (If you really want the whole messy story,
you could probably bribe it out of one of us or Donal at an event...)

Anyway, it was determined for future stability for the submissions process

1) Star should always step up at a crown tourney, not a coronation
2) Asterisk and Bordure should switch at least 3, preferably 6, months apart
3) It's easier to find qualified candidates if only one of these positions
is switching at a time

Francois, Kathri, & I all stepped up in Jan. 1999.  From the outset, we
determined that we would step down at different points to stagger the terms
of office.  Francois stepped down at April crown of 2000, Kathri stepped
down at Y2KWHS (I think, or was it July coronation?), and I stepped down
effective at October crown.


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