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Hi! Heres what I have... Dates may be off, I'm still looking, I have copies of BS,
with holes, back to some issues of the Sable Star, and all the minuets and all the
gazettes with very few holes... I believe the order is right, worked as a scribe,
herald, or both in some capacity under all of them up to Francois...:-)...'Stacia

Aureliane Rhioghail                            Jan '79-Jul '82
Anebairn MacPharlaine of Arrochar  Aug '92-Dec '85
Sovany Barcsi Janos                         Jan '86-Jan '87
Aureliane Rioghail                             Mar '87-Jun '87
Adelicia of Gilwell                             Jul '87-Mar '88
Da'ud ibn Auda
Tadhg Liath of Duncairn
Dathi O'Cooney
Richard Silverdawn
Arenvald Kief of Kiersted                  Jul '94-Jan '96
Tostig Logiosophi                              Jan '96-Jan '97
Donal O'Dochartaigh                         Jan '97-Jan '99
Francois la Flamme
Borek Vitalalievich Volkov
Rosalia O Brogan

tmcd at jump.net wrote:

> A while back, I started a project to list every Ansteorran heraldic
> title and who'd held it, researched via the AG.  I only got 3/91 (the
> earliest AG I had; the first AG started with Tadhg's first month) thru
> 8/96.  More data could be found by asking Da'ud, Robin, or Adelicia,
> or going thru LoAR cover letters (for some periods, when roster
> changes were listed there).  Titles given are the titles they had when
> they stepped up.
> Star Principal Herald (reg. 6/80)
> Late 80s: Mistress Adelicia
>           HL Da'ud
> 6/90, at KWHS: Master Da'ud steps up to his first tenure as Laurel
>     HL Tadhg Liath of Duncairn / Tiom{o'}id M. of Angle becomes Star
> 10/91 AG: successor announced: HL Dathi O'Cooney
> 1/92 AG: HL Dathi {O'} Cooney / David C. Reed, was Forerynel
>          Long-time herald, pretty experienced, pretty well-respected.
>          Tadhg was in 1.5 years; trains ran on time, stepped down on
>          schedule.
> 3/93 AG: intends to step down in November.
> 6/93 AG: "1 July: HL Richard Silverdawn / Rick Gordon [was Asterisk]
>     assumed duties of Star Principal Herald by appointment of the
>     Crown. ... July 9: Laurel confirmed appointment of HL Richard as
>     Acting Star Principal Herald."  [But if both agree, why
>     "acting"?--DdL] Notes that he usually ran consultation tables in the
>     past.  On the back cover of the AG: "It's mid-July ... do you know who
>     your Principal Herald is?"
>     I think Dathi got a new job, new house, new wife in his tenure --
>     just too busy.
>     Dathi was in 1.5 years nominal; trains sputtered (Laurel ruled on
>     only 3 LoIs between 1/93 and 9/93 inclusive);
>     stepped down earlier than even announced time.
> 10/94 AG: Sir [Arenvald] Kief av Kiersted / Lee Cockerham.
>     (Announced in 7/94 Laurel cover letter; AG didn't come out for months.)
>     Richard was in 1 year; trains sputtered (ILoI 4/94
>     was entirely lost, e.g., though more LoIs got out); I think he was
>     removed.
> 12/95 AG: Kief announces it will be Lord Donal O'Dochartaigh / Lee Cavett,
>           was Asterisk.
> 1/96 AG: Note to Star: no officer below the BoD appoints their
>          successor in this chicken outfit.
>          Baron Tostig Logiosophia / Bob Wade, was Armillary.
>          (Rest of story omitted.)
>          Long-time experienced herald.
>          Submissions are first pushed off onto Asterisk;
>          something of salving the injury for Donal.
> (This rest is from memory and Borek's dates.)
> Nanoseconds later: Wade told by boss in insect-control business that
>                    he had to work 70-hour weeks.
> 96: Star doesn't do much.  Trains sputtering, but with submissions on
>     Donal's shoulders, there's some more recovery.
> 1/97: This time for real:
>       Lord Donal O'Dochartaigh / Lee Cavett, was Asterisk.
>       Tostig was in 1 year; stepped down early.
> 1/99: HL Francois la Flamme / Wendel Bordelon, was Solstice.
> 4/15/00: Lord Borek Vitalievich Volkov
>          (Hmmm.  Didn't realize Francois had a short tenure, or why.)
> 4/6/02: HL Rosalia O Brogan
> Daniel de Lincolia
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