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On Sat, 9 Mar 2002, Keyna <keyna at hot.rr.com> wrote:
> I thought that Richard of the Silverdawn had [Star] before
> Dathi O' Cooney

No.  I was there, and close to a few of the participants.  Dathi
succeeded Tadhg, and all was well for a while, and then Dathi got a
new job, a new house, a wife ... and cratered.

Tadhg Liath was actually Dathi's drop-dead.  Came the day Dathi told
Tadhg "I can't keep going", Tadhg called Bruce Draconarius, then
Laurel, and said (to summarize) "I'm Star now".  Bruce said "oh" and
that was about it.  Bruce then called back a little later and said
that he had been stunned, that he would not accept Tadhg because of
how obnoxious Tadhg had been in CoA correspondence.  Bruce called
around to try to get another Star, and I *think* Richard was the
fourth one called.  Tadhg went thru SCA grievance procedures, but a
few months later, it was 1994 and the Milpitas Meltdown and the king
of Ansteorra had rather larger fish to fry.

> because Richard started Sable Crane and it was closed by Donal.

Not true.  "Sable Crane Pursuivant" was registered 7/90, so it was
submitted by Da'ud Star and registered by Da'ud Laurel.  3/91 was
under Tadhg, so it looks like it was the ILoI position at least from
Tadhg to ... well, the roster gets confused on this point around 1995.

3/91 AG: Internal Letter of Intent.  Lord Steffan of the Tall Pines /
    Steve O'Donnell
8/91 AG: HL Desir{e'}e de Cambrai, appointed for six months.
10/91 AG:
12/91 AG: Dathi (incoming Star) announces Lord Cyndcyrn Conn Corr /
    David Heiligmann will have the title; no duties listed.
2/92 AG: Internal Letter of Intent, external commentary.  He's in.
4/92 AG: He changed his name to Lord David van den Storm.  Star says
    he's leaving the office in 8/92.
6/92 AG: "Responsible for the production of the Internal Letters of
8/92 AG: Vacant.
9/92 AG: Lady Alastrina McKeary / Lisa Harkins, was Solstice.
11/92 AG: HL.
6/93 AG: Lord Erc FitzMungo / Roy Heath.
8/93 AG:
9/93 AG: Applications being taken.
3/94 AG: Lady Keyna Morgan Oulton / Linda Knotts.
1/95 AG:
4/95 AG: Rosterette says "Editor of the Gazette", was part of
    Obelisk's job, but AG continues to have Steffan's return address,
    and he apologizes in future issues for lateness or problems.
6/95 AG: Mandates line drawings on the forms instead of
11/95 AG: Now "Internal Letter of Intent".
1/96 AG: "Send Letters and Items for the Gazette", but Steffan is
    still listed with as Obelisk with his previous duties, and the AG
    still carries his return address.
8/96 AG:

It is interesting to note that a lot of titles in the Ansteorran
College had different responsibilities.  Just in my limited window,
Asterisk was listed in rosters or AGs as responsible for External
Letters of Intent (3/91 to 6/91), Southern Regional (7/91), both
(1/92), external submissions (3/93), drop-dead deputy (9/93), Star
deputy (11/94), submissions and subscriptions (1/96), and later
internal submissions.

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