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Daniel you must have had a good nights sleep last night. I compleately
forgot some of that stuff. (SMILING)

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> On Sat, 9 Mar 2002, Keyna <keyna at hot.rr.com> wrote:
> > I thought that Richard of the Silverdawn had [Star] before
> > Dathi O' Cooney
> No.  I was there, and close to a few of the participants.  Dathi
> succeeded Tadhg, and all was well for a while, and then Dathi got a
> new job, a new house, a wife ... and cratered.
> Tadhg Liath was actually Dathi's drop-dead.  Came the day Dathi told
> Tadhg "I can't keep going", Tadhg called Bruce Draconarius, then
> Laurel, and said (to summarize) "I'm Star now".  Bruce said "oh" and
> that was about it.  Bruce then called back a little later and said
> that he had been stunned, that he would not accept Tadhg because of
> how obnoxious Tadhg had been in CoA correspondence.  Bruce called
> around to try to get another Star, and I *think* Richard was the
> fourth one called.  Tadhg went thru SCA grievance procedures, but a
> few months later, it was 1994 and the Milpitas Meltdown and the king
> of Ansteorra had rather larger fish to fry.
> > because Richard started Sable Crane and it was closed by Donal.
> Not true.  "Sable Crane Pursuivant" was registered 7/90, so it was
> submitted by Da'ud Star and registered by Da'ud Laurel.  3/91 was
> under Tadhg, so it looks like it was the ILoI position at least from
> Tadhg to ... well, the roster gets confused on this point around 1995.
> 3/91 AG: Internal Letter of Intent.  Lord Steffan of the Tall Pines /
>     Steve O'Donnell
> 8/91 AG: HL Desir{e'}e de Cambrai, appointed for six months.
> 10/91 AG:
> 12/91 AG: Dathi (incoming Star) announces Lord Cyndcyrn Conn Corr /
>     David Heiligmann will have the title; no duties listed.
> 2/92 AG: Internal Letter of Intent, external commentary.  He's in.
> 4/92 AG: He changed his name to Lord David van den Storm.  Star says
>     he's leaving the office in 8/92.
> 6/92 AG: "Responsible for the production of the Internal Letters of
>     Intent."
> 8/92 AG: Vacant.
> 9/92 AG: Lady Alastrina McKeary / Lisa Harkins, was Solstice.
> 11/92 AG: HL.
> 6/93 AG: Lord Erc FitzMungo / Roy Heath.
> 8/93 AG:
> 9/93 AG: Applications being taken.
> 3/94 AG: Lady Keyna Morgan Oulton / Linda Knotts.
> 1/95 AG:
> 4/95 AG: Rosterette says "Editor of the Gazette", was part of
>     Obelisk's job, but AG continues to have Steffan's return address,
>     and he apologizes in future issues for lateness or problems.
> 6/95 AG: Mandates line drawings on the forms instead of
>     black-and-white.
> 11/95 AG: Now "Internal Letter of Intent".
> 1/96 AG: "Send Letters and Items for the Gazette", but Steffan is
>     still listed with as Obelisk with his previous duties, and the AG
>     still carries his return address.
> 8/96 AG:
> It is interesting to note that a lot of titles in the Ansteorran
> College had different responsibilities.  Just in my limited window,
> Asterisk was listed in rosters or AGs as responsible for External
> Letters of Intent (3/91 to 6/91), Southern Regional (7/91), both
> (1/92), external submissions (3/93), drop-dead deputy (9/93), Star
> deputy (11/94), submissions and subscriptions (1/96), and later
> internal submissions.
> Daniel de Lincolia
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