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Bob Dewart gilli at seacove.net
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Are there other awards out there that have been used for 12 years that are
still not passed.

Households and guilds, while their names can be passed, don't have a Corpora
requirement to do so.

I agree, that breaking the on purpose should not be rewarded.  By all means
no.  However, this in itself brings up a point.  How did the rule breakage
occur?  Was it just a plain human error, oversight, thought it had already
been done, or any number of other Ooops type situations.  Or, was it done
intentionally?  This possibility I can't believe.  I'd never think such a
thing possible of any of the good folks who have been Star.

Yep, from the Crown on down said, "Pass it!!!"  It was actually verily load
too.  Francois just smiled, but it was a really big one.

Weather I realize the consequences or not, a large number of the populace of
this Kingdom has the same jerk knee reaction when they hear about this, as I
did and still do.

I don't understand the whole thing.  Here's my understanding of it.  Rising
Star can't be used because rising wasn't used in connection with Star in
period religious or military orders, correct?  I'm a bit vague on this next
part; that we can only use things as they were connected in period.  But
wouldn't that require that the same words be used together which means we
can only use those words and combinations as they were actually used.  But
no, that would mean we'd be required to only use those award names that were
used.  But no, since we can't duplicate a real award.  Huuuuuu.  The white
rabbit went down there, did it?

Seems to me that most of them had one or more adjectives and a noun and
perhaps a location name after it.  And the fact that "rising" wasn't used
shouldn't be a big surprise.  Many words weren't used in those award names.
Does that mean we can't use them either.  Come to thing of it was black or
sable?  I don't recall seeing black or sable on those list of orders we had
at RT, but then I don't have them in front of me.

OK, I'll admit I'm confused about this.  So please give me an answer that
will get me through 4 "whys"  from any person that asks me to explain why to
them.  Some folks have.

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> On Sat, 9 Mar 2002, Bob Dewart <gilli at seacove.net> wrote:
> > Your example of a group using a non registered name is a bad one.
> I was unclear.  I wasn't referring to a non-registered *branch* name,
> but rather to a non-registered name of an award, order, household,
> guild, ...
> > In addition you are wrong on my desire to cause Francois and Mari to
> > get abused.
> I thought that "You really must have it in for me" (and similiar
> phrases) didn't actually mean that I think you hate me, but that
> you've done something or are proposing something with bad
> consequences, which you may or may not realize.
> > If there are other such long standing "mistakes" out there, I'd have
> > no problem with "grandfathering" them with a notation "not to be
> > used as a bases for passing future submissions."
> A proposal for a rules change can always be put forward.  However,
> I think such a proposal ought to address the point I made previously,
> that it rewards rule-breaking -- actually, it annuls the rules.
> > You weren't at Round Table.  The whole room told Francois to pass
> > it.
> A room full of kingdom people telling a Society officer what to do?
> I wish I'd been there.  I wish I'd sold tickets.
> No, come to think of it, Francois was doubtless as polite as Da'ud
> would have been in such circumstances.
> Daniel "I feel badly about the whole situation.  I appreciate the
> concern this has caused many people in the kingdom.  (silence)"
> de Lincolia
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