[ANSTHRLD] Deep Breath, Step Back

Chandranath chandra at plumes.org
Tue Mar 12 08:57:10 PST 2002


I'm uncomfortable doing this, as I view Estencele to be a technical
position, but it's been pointed out that I do administrate this list and
my attempt to divert discussion with talk of the web site hasn't been
all I'd hoped for.

Let's please consider discussions of what institutions are or are not
adequately thorough and what individuals are or are not qualified to speak
done and closed, and move on.  The Ansteorra Heralds list is traditionally
the top for signal vs. noise, something we should be very loathe to lose.
I will certainly spare you any threats about moderation (I'll let the new
Star do that, heh heh ahem okay never mind).

On a related note, there was a spate of unsubscriptions, some of whom I
have taken the liberty of blind carbon-copying this note; I see no reason
why what was inarguably a brief spat should do damage to the people hoping
to come here to get quality assistance, so I encourage these people to

And that's the news.

Estencele Pursuivant

Shri (Lord) Chandranath <chandra at plumes.org>, Insegnante of Mooneschadowe
"Per pale sable and gules, a decrescent argent."
mka Russ Smith (http://www.randomgang.com/)

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