[ANSTHRLD] Letters of Commentary (was BLOODSTONE)

tmcd@jump.net tmcd at jump.net
Tue Mar 12 09:38:22 PST 2002

I am also of the opinion that a person who has a kingdom heraldic
title and is expected to do commentary as part of the duties (Orle,
frex), or if commentary is sometimes does as part of the office
(Bordure, say), and especially if the kingdom is paying the postage
... wait, I had a point when I started this overly-long sentence
... right: I think there should be a kingdom CoH policy that kingdom
expects such people to publish their LoCs on the Web site or
otherwise, unless they have some good reason why they shouldn't.

I believe that internal collated commentary has been helpful for
education, so I think external commentary can be helpful too.

Daniel de Lincolia
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