[ANSTHRLD] Bloodstone

tmcd@jump.net tmcd at jump.net
Tue Mar 12 09:46:14 PST 2002

Eirik wrote:
> He is also Orle and does CoA commentary, although that's been only
> since he stepped down as Armillary.

*slaps forehead* Of course.  I forgot that.  At least the Laurel
office has gotten at least two LoCs from Magnus, as best I recall (at
least one: Mari listed him on the tracking chart as Armillary and I
saved it as Orle, and I almost had a heart attack when I thought I was
missing an LoC the night before a Pelican QoA meeting), and I'm
certain Magnus will take the roster out of the ... not the most recent
LoAR, I think, but the one before? ... and re-check his mailing labels
against it.

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