[ANSTHRLD] Re:commentary

Paul Haines wyrmclaw at ev1.net
Tue Mar 12 15:06:40 PST 2002

If I recall, since I get the bill from SquidPac, Magnus has sent in at least
2 LoCs.  I have as of yet refrained from writing LoCs, as I have not yet
felt up to the task of making intelligent comments.  Instead I have been
learning more about SCA heraldry and reading the LoCs provided by the other
kingdoms.  I also have not had the reference materials to make any sort of
comments on name submissions.  I have some now, which I received from Master
Ihon, Sentinel Pursuivant.  Hopefully in the near future, I'll be ready to
assist with some device commentary.  I've already picked out a couple in the
latest batch of submissions that I will bring to Magnus' attention if he
hasn't uncovered them already.

Commentary is listed among the duties of Bordure.  I'm not sure if Orle was
created to take over that duty or not, but I'd rather not spend Ansteorra's
money to have bad commentary mailed around the known world. :)

Some kingdoms provide electronic commentary.  If you subscribe to the sca
heralds list, you can find out who can send them to you, or where you can
d/l them from other kingdoms.

In service,

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