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Wed Oct 2 10:00:44 PDT 2002

"Will Manning" <dertruwe at hotmail.com> wrote:
> per saltire argent and sable.  Across top argent section is a sable
> banner containing three sable skull and cross-bones, in the center
> of this same argent section is a sable wolf's head, the sable
> section to the right contains an argent tiger's head, the bottom
> argent section contains a sable eagle's head and the left sable
> section contains an argent dragon's head.

And a picture at

Eeeeeeeee ....

"Per saltire argent and sable, in pale a wolf's head couped and an
eagle's head couped, in fess a dragon's head couped and a tiger's head
couped, all counterchanged, on a chief sable three sets of a skull
conjoined in base to two thighbones in saltire argent".

Amazingly slot-machine: four types of charge in one group (wolf's
head, eagle's head, dragon's head, tiger's head).

Too much complexity otherwise.  Seven types of charge, two tinctures,
over the rule-of-thumb limit.  If it were a period-style device it
would get slack.  It is practically "biker tattoo heraldry".

I'm not sure that that blazon of the skull-and-crossbones is doable.
"Difficulty in blazon is indication of non-period style".

(Skull-and-crossbones is in Isaac Newton's arms, I think, or at least

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