[ANSTHRLD] news and thanks

Paul Haines wyrmclaw at ev1.net
Sun Oct 20 14:47:49 PDT 2002

To all those on this list,
    I just wanted to let you all know that my wife and I have recently moved
into our first house.  We moved on Saturday.  Of course, it started raining
when the moving company arrived and stopped after they unloaded everything,
but we were careful to quickly dry off anything that was allergic to water.
Thankfully the move was only about a half a mile from our apartment.  Now we
have boxes galore to unpack (what fun).
    I wanted to give special thanks to Baroness Kathri and Lady Cahira for
assisting me with this month's LoI.  Although the letter has my name on it,
they are the ones who did the hard part of putting it all together.  All I
did was spiff up a few bits and pdf it.  If it hadn't been for them, the
submissions would have been delayed until next month, as the deadline for
this month just happened to coincide with my move.
    Lastly, my address has changed and my email address will be changing,
but my phone number remains the same.  If anyone is in need of my address,
please let me know and I will provide it off the list.  I'll update you all
on my new email address when I get it next week.

In service,
Ld. Alden Drake
Bordure Herald

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