[ANSTHRLD] Assistance needed and important info...

Cahira cahira_of_bonwicke at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 21 20:14:27 PDT 2002

Greetings from your friendly neighborhood Asterisk!!

Though I know that it is TRF time and some of you help
at the Ren Faire, this weekend I am having a work
party at my apartment this weekend. I wanted to wait
until November, but I am in desperate need of help.
Due to long hours at work and getting ready for a trip
to Germany, I have not been able to do all of the
stuff that needs to be done for the Asterisk office.
The ILoI and AICC are caught up, but the filing,
marking decisions, et. al. isn't.

So, for those of you who are not planning on being at
Ren. Faire this weekend, if you can come and help out
at my apartment, your assistance would be greatly

People can begin showing up around 10am (that is when
I will start working on all of this on Saturday). As
always, if you need directions to my apartment (and I
will let you know that I live in a gated community, so
if you don't know the gate code, you will need to
contact me for it) you can either email me at
Traci.L.Thompson at USAHQ.UnitedSpaceAlliance.com or call
me at 281-990-8557. Even if you don't need directions,
please RSVP at the above email address so that I will
know how many to expect on Saturday.

Now, some important information:

I will be in Germany from Nov. 4 through Nov. 12. I
will not be answering emails or phone calls during
that time. If you have any questions during that time,
please hold on to them until I get back...unless there
is someone else whom you think might know the answer
to your question (I hesitate to volunteer people to
answer questions for me while I am gone because I
haven't checked with any of the people that I would
volunteer, so that wouldn't really be fair to them).

Thanks for your time!


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