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I did notice the “-“ as a matter of fact, but
Atenveldt, as an example, also had the dreaded “-“
while they did have something listed in the LoAR. 
Caid had the “-“ but they also had  “none” listed in
the LoAR, and Ansteorra had nothing listed at all.  I
was a little confused by all this and so I asked the
question, believing the only stupid question is the
one un-asked.  

So, if a submission has the following notation, is it
being considered based on the 11/02, 1/03, or 2/03

ILoI 11/02 
Kingdom accepted 1/03 (AG 2/03).

I would have expected it to be considered based on the
11/02 date but now…

I’m so confused!!!!


--- Jennifer Smith <jds at randomgang.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 06:18:21PM -0700, Bill
> Butler wrote:
> > OK, I've checked the newly posted LoAR on the
> Society
> > site.  As a mater of fact, I've checked it twice. 
> I
> > have not found anything there from Ansteorra.  Did
> I
> > miss something or did the Kingdom just not get
> > anything through on the March edition?
> We had nothing.  If you'll check the cover letter
> you'll notice
> the second column is for the March meetings, and
> Ansteorra has a big "-"
> in that column as our "Letter of Intent being
> considered".  You'll also
> notice that our Dec 18 letter was scheduled for the
> April meetings.
> A glance at the "Status of ILoIs" table in the
> gazette shows that the
> normal November LoI was combined with the December
> LoI, so that explains
> why we had nothing in the March Laurel letter.
> -Emma de Fetherstan
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