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On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 08:05:41PM -0700, Bill Butler wrote:
> I did notice the ?-? as a matter of fact, but
> Atenveldt, as an example, also had the dreaded ?-?
> while they did have something listed in the LoAR. 
> Caid had the ?-? but they also had  ?none? listed in
> the LoAR, and Ansteorra had nothing listed at all.  I
> was a little confused by all this and so I asked the
> question, believing the only stupid question is the
> one un-asked.  

A kingdom may have something considered in the LoAR even if they didn't
have a Letter of Intent for that month, if they had something pended at
Laurel from a previous month; for example, my device change on the Aug
2002 LoI was pended on the Dec 2002 LoAR, and will be decided on in the
June 2003 LoAR (regardless of whether or not we have a full LoI for that

A 'none' listing is usually in the "Acceptances" or "Returns" area,
which means that there are some items *somewhere* in the letter, but not
necessarily in those sections. For instance, no acceptances but some
returns, or no returns but some acceptances, or even no acceptances or
returns but a pend.

> So, if a submission has the following notation, is it
> being considered based on the 11/02, 1/03, or 2/03
> date? 
> ILoI 11/02 
> Kingdom accepted 1/03 (AG 2/03).

It is the Ansteorran internal letter for 11/02, published originally in
the 11/02 Ansteorran Gazette.  In-kingdom decisions were made and the
kingdom external LoI produced in 1/03, but the results were actually
published (annotated internal collated commentary, AICC for short) in
the 2/03 Ansteorran Gazette.

Laurel considers letters based on postmark.  Theoretically, the 1/03 LoI
would actually be mailed in January, and so should show up in Laurel's
table on the cover page as some January date.

> I would have expected it to be considered based on the
> 11/02 date but now?

No, because that's our internal stuff.  Some few kingdoms don't actually
do an internal round -- they make decisions on the spot (well, monthly)
and send them straight to Laurel.  Since we've a fair number, and are a
big kingdom (land-wise, at least), we do the internal submissions
process.  This allows people to look at and comment on submissions
before they get decided on; the 'winners', as it were, get re-written
into an external letter and sent on to Laurel.  Laurel never sees our
internal letter (at least officially; they do get a copy of the Gazette
and so forth, but it's just a courtesy copy, not a "please do something
with this" copy).

> I?m so confused!!!!

Everyone starts there.  Asking questions is good.  Keep it up! :)


Jennifer Smith
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