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The closest that I could come would be
Brenna O'Dempsey the Gypsy--a name completely lacking in authenticity that
nevertheless is probably registerable.  I believe that Brenna is either
non-period or found as the name of only a single individual in period;
nonetheless, it is considered TSCA.  A female named O'Dempsey is one who was
named by the English--an Irish lady would have been "inghean ui Dhiomsaigh."
However, a Gypsy would not have had a Gaelic name, so O'Dempsey is more
likely for a Gypsy.  I have not found the spelling "Dempsy" before the 1659
Census of Ireland--over the line from the grey area.
I have found no examples of "The Gypsy" preceding an English or an englished
Yours in Service,
Colm Dubh
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> Good day all...
> I am Brenna O'dempsy, and I am just introducing myself.  I have always
been fascinated by the heraldic arts, although I doubt I have the patience
to be one myself... I want all to know I truly respect how much work you all
put in... As well as my introduction and thanks I have a question... As far
as someone with no award or title, is the name or more appropriately the
title 'The Gypsy Brenna O'dempsy' appropriate.  And could this name be used
in court and tournaments or would only my actual name be used?  Sorry for
such an unusual question... Thank you.
> The Gypsy Brenna O'dempsy
> Born2bonstage at yahoo.com
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