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Thank You
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> Quoth "Bridgid of Kincairn":
> > I know this will possibly sound like a dumb question but here goes. I am
> > helping someone here that is thinking about using the name Regina, =
> > however, since we use Regina to refer to the queen then that name is a =
> > no-no. Am I correct?
> Funnily enough, the RfS deal with this exact name in VI.1:
> "1. Names Claiming Rank. Names containing titles, territorial claims, or
> allusions to rank are considered presumptuous.
> Titles like Earl and Duke generally may not be used as Society names,
> even if the title is the submitters legal name. Names documented to have
> been used in period may be used, even if they were derived from titles,
> provided there is no suggestion of territorial claim or explicit assertion
> of rank. For example, Regina the Laundress is acceptable but Regina of
> Germany is not."
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