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I have not checked sources yet but...


The O'Dempsy last name should be fine as a late period spelling.  I'll
double-check that later.

I do not know anything about Brenna and will have to look.


There are two separate issues here.  One is how you are called and the
other is what you can register.  I would drop the "the Gypsy" part if
you are planning to register the name in the SCA.  Consider, Harold
fitzBubba the Short.  Harold fitzBubba is the fictional guy's name; "the
short" is a little descriptive element that got tacked on as he got
older and people realized that he was short.  Descriptive bynames do get
registered in the SCA, within limits, but I would drop the Gypsy part as
you would have to document Irish Gypsies and their naming practices and
that could be a very long exercise and maybe fruitless.


So, you might get called, even into court, as Brenna O'Dempsy the Gypsy,
because that is how people know you.  But for SCA registration, I
recommend dropping the descriptive part.



Nordsteorra Herald


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Good day all...

I am Brenna O'dempsy, and I am just introducing myself.  I have always
been fascinated by the heraldic arts, although I doubt I have the
patience to be one myself... I want all to know I truly respect how much
work you all put in... As well as my introduction and thanks I have a
question... As far as someone with no award or title, is the name or
more appropriately the title 'The Gypsy Brenna O'dempsy' appropriate.
And could this name be used in court and tournaments or would only my
actual name be used?  Sorry for such an unusual question... Thank you.


The Gypsy Brenna O'dempsy

Born2bonstage at yahoo.com


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