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doug bell magnus77840 at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 7 11:04:37 PDT 2003

>Many thanks for your assistance.  I do have one more question, though:  Do 
>I need actual copies of the pages, or is the citation enough?

No you don't need copies.  I picked books that were on our no photocopy 
needed list.

Just cite this:
Withycombe, E.G., The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names, 3rd ed. 
(Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1988).
page 202 header Madeline has Madelina from 1221 as a given name.

Bardsley, Charles, A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames (Baltimore: 
Genealogical Publishing Company, 1980).
page 484 header Lindsey has Robert de Lindesay from the reign of Henry III
The dates for his reign are 1216-1272.

congratulations on a new name
Magnus von Lubeck

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