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Thanks again for your help.  And while new to being registered (well, about to submit it, anyway), it's not new to me, at least not in a different form.  I picked Madeleine as my name in French class back in 1980 because it was the longest name in the back of the book (and my real name is only 4 letters - Jane), and my mother traced Lindsay back to the early 1800s in Missouri, to a Josephine Caledonia Lindsay whose father was Adam Linn Lindsay, but couldn't find any farther back.  With a middle name like Caledonia, and the possible mother's maiden name of Linn as a middle name, I'd guess they weren't too far removed from Scotland, but I have a woefully small amount of time to spend in the library's genealogy section these days.

Madelina de Lindesay

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congratulations on a new name
Magnus von Lubeck

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