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On Tue, Jul 08, 2003 at 10:22:18AM -0700, Cahira wrote:
> To whoever might know:
> Why is it that things pended at Laurel level take 7
> months before they are looked at again?  Why is it not
> just another 4 month turnaround like all other things?

Because they are pended for 4 months *from the publication of the LOAR*.

> Specific case:
> Oriana Luisa della Francesca--Device (August ILoI and
> ICC, October LoI, February LoAR)
> When I typed up the annotations in the ICC, I
> accidently left the tincture off of her compass stars
> and so, the Laurel level commenters thought that the
> stars were supposed to be counterchanged.  So, when
> the mess was figured out (I assume by looking at the
> picture), they pended the device until the September
> Laurel meeting.
> Now, that's a big gap between February and September,
> and I'm just wondering why it's going to take that
> long.

Because the College of Arms needs a full four month commentary period from
the time it is notified that further comment has been requested, and that
clock starts not at the Laurel meeting but at the publication of the LOAR.

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