[ANSTHRLD] query

Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at bmc.com
Tue Jul 8 10:32:53 PDT 2003

>Why is it that things pended at Laurel level take 7
>months before they are looked at again?  Why is it not
>just another 4 month turnaround like all other things?

Because these items need the standard 4 month commentary turn around from
the date that the College of Arms knows that they are pended (and, so, the
commenters need to look at them again).

Depending on the date that the LoAR mails, that gives 8-10 weeks (on
average) between the date of the meeting in which the item was pended and
the date that the CoA is notified that it is pended and they need to
comment on it again.  

So, LoAR (where pended) date + 8-10 weeks (average) + 4 month commentary
period = 6 - 7 months depending on when the meeting dates were, how big the
LoAR was (and so took longer to generate), etc.


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