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A large thank you to everyone how has helped me with my name and culture... I was under the impression, by some historical web-site I found... (I guess I will have to find it again, I didn't save the site...) that the Romai Gypies had reach the England, Scotland, and Ireland by around 1450 ish.  My persona is not of Rom born.  But most of her life has been spent living with them... (hence the adjective, The Gypsy)  My name is 1475 Irish.  The name O'dempsy was found from a web site called Irland's history in maps... If you go to dogpile.com and search for Ireland's History in maps... It should bring it up.  According to this site, wich I have heard is a good site... The Sur name O'dempsy was a common name during that time on the Mid east coast of Ireland.  The name Brenna was obtained from a very unreliable source... I found it in an Irish baby book, I guess I was just hoping that it would be pierod.  I will probaley change Brenna to something else (thank you for the site about the
 problem names...) Unfortunatley I have been in the SCA for two years... Only now have I decided to realy get envolved and try to pass my name, and devise and actualy becaume a hopefully active member.  Every one already knows me as Brenna.  Actauly everyone knows me as plain Gypsy so I guess it wouldn't be to hard to change.  
Thank you for the warning about the name Gypsy in the mundane world... I have a few Rom friends and They do not like being called gypsy, but for someone like me who acts and sometimes wishes she where Rom, Gypsy makes a good nickname for me, even in the mundane world.  
Thnak you again for all your help...
For lack of a set name
The Gypsy .......... O'dempsy

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