[ANSTHRLD] Slot Machine?

Joseph Percer jpercer at stx.rr.com
Wed Jul 9 02:59:47 PDT 2003


To my understanding, slot machine is when you have three or more different
charges in the same charge group....


 Gules, on a bend or three roses sable
  (Red field, gold bend with three black roses on it)

That one I'm really not sure about, and

Vert, a chevron between three boars heads to sinister erased within a
bordure or
(green field, a chevron between three boars heads facing left, within a
border, all gold)

I think not, because the charge group is divided by the chevron...

Now, both have all three of the same charges, but I wanted to be sure so I
could let the submitter know....


Jayme Dominguez del Valle

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