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Thu Jul 10 08:48:54 PDT 2003

>"In fess", then.  I should have mentioned the general >principle: if you have multiple charges on the field or on >another charge, you should describe their relative placement >and orientations.  (Depending on the number and the charges, >there may be default positions and postures so you don't have >to state them.  But knowing what you can do requires research, >it's not *wrong* to be more explicit, and if Laurel wants to >remove defaults from your blazon, they can always do so.)

Thank you for this explanation.  Is there, by any chance, a list of the charges or types of charges which do have default positions?

>It helps to summarize the full design briefly rather than >repeat an entire message we've already seen verbatim:

Pray forgive me.  I'm usually very good about snipping the extraneous.  One of my pet peeves is replies which have numerous "x mailing list blah blah blah" footers.

I'd go with: 

    Argent, in fess two goblets within a bordure vert semy-de-lis argent.

>By the way, there are at least three ways to depict semy of >whatever in period art, 

Which is the more common method?  My modern eye prefers none cut off, but I wonder if the "wallpaper" style is more period.

>Having two charges (other than long and skinny ones "in pile") >was not common in period

I'd really prefer two to any other number, even if it is unusual.

>The Pict Dict says that in period armory, cups were always (as >I recall) covered cups (a hemispherical dome on top).  If you >are willing to do that, you'd be REALLY unique in the SCA and >you'd be fitting period style.

I'm not adverse to covered cups, though I think uncovered seems more friendly, in a way, which is a subliminal message, in a way - a cup for me and a cup for you, more so than the idea of a two-fisted drinker.  Do you think covered would seem more like a chalice, or imply a religious overtone?

>HOWEVER, note that these are period style notes only.  The >original design is quite clearly registerable, unless there's a >conflict.  I just mention these in case you want to consider >your own opinions on SCA registerable style versus common >period style.

>Daniel de Lincolia

I like the idea of the design being very unique - thank you for the information, and on how to make it more period.  So now I'm back to conflict checking.  I'll keep you posted.

Madelina de Lindesay

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