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That's a good question.  I would confirm with the Crown and the branch
Seneschal how they would like to handle it.  The Seneschal is in charge of
running the meeting, as it pertains to the business of the group, so it'd
probably be up to how he/she would like to handle it.  I've only ever seen a
branch herald do any actual voice heraldry at a populace twice, once when TE
Stargate transferred the Seneschal's office from one to another, and once
when HE Stargate gave an award that was read into law at a court, but the
award was given at a populace.
Best bet.....talk to the Crown and Seneschal and see how they want to handle

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Greetings All!
I had a question for the Court heralds out there.
When at a populace meeting with their majesties in attendance, how would you
announce the crown?  
I ask because from time to time the court herald of our barony would open
the meeting and close the meeting with a court announce meant much like a
normal even court.  Is there any protocols that need to be observed here?  I
am asking because I am now the new court herald.
Rodrigo the expectant

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