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It has been a hard day at the mundane job.  I come home, deal with dinner in
this crappy heat and just when I think that I can't stand it all, I read
this list and there is Master Daniel, making me laugh again.

You are almost as good for the psyche as that Margarita that I am to shake
up later.

medb liath
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> <matthew.s.bowerman1 at jsc.nasa.gov> wrote:
> > When at a populace meeting with their majesties in attendance, how
> > would you announce the crown?
> Talking to the seneschal sounds like a good idea, but you might want
> to have a recommendation available first.
> The populace meetings I've been in have tended to be pretty informal.
> The start was likely to be "OK, folks, we're starting now.  Settle
> down, please.  Um, who's first?  Let's do marshallate first.  Bob?
> Folks, quiet down, please!  Bob?"  Business meetings didn't tend to be
> much more formal, though they were usually in a public space (a
> classroom, a meeting room) instead of someone's house.
> I'd probably recommend "OK, folks, we're starting now.  Settle down,
> please.  The crown is attending this one -- everybody say, 'Hi,
> Crown!'  [chorus]  [smiling and waving at them]" or some such.
> Does this sound OK?
> Daniel de Lincolia
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