[ANSTHRLD] conflict check help

Sara L Friedemann liana at ellipsis.cx
Fri Jul 18 20:41:43 PDT 2003

Quoth "Paul Haines":
> Question....
> Does the following device conflict with: Gules, a portcullis and a =
> bordure embattled Or?
> Unser Hafen, Barony of=20
>   Vert, a portcullis Or within a laurel wreath argent, all within a =
> bordure embattled Or.
> I'm not sure if the laurel wreath counts as a CD and I don't have the =

Why wouldn't it count as a CD?  It's a charge like any other
charge, isn't it?

> RfS handy at the moment.

If you have Internet access, the RfS are always handy, especially if
you bookmark them:


There is one CD for changing the tincture of the field, and one 
for removing the laurel wreath.  This is by RfS X.4.a.i and
RfS X.4.b, respectively.


vita sine literis mors est

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