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Um, I-44! Straight shot from Tulsa to St. Louis.

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> >I'm estimating 8.5-9.5 hours to get there from Dallas. Were you coming
> >from down in Austin? That would account for the extra 3 odd hours.
> No.  I lived in Irving at the time and was leaving from 114 and MacArthur
> Road.  But I had to make at least 2 gas stops (+/- 15 min each) and
> for a meal (+/- 30 to 45 minutes).  Maybe 1/2 an hour was involved with
> getting from 114 to 35, but I can't recall.
> I took 35 N to OK City, from there to Tulsa (is that I55? - my memory is
> vague after all this time), and from there straight up to St. Louis.
> Oh!  I'm wondering if that was still in the days of the 55 MPH speed limit
> on the highways.  That would affect the time it took to make the run.
> Mari
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