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Fri Jun 6 02:18:38 PDT 2003

Here's another one that I might have some help on.  Sorry I missed it the
first time.

The Gazette had:

----- Excerpt from 200306AG.pdf -----
29. Tukka Kirk (none listed)
New name. New Badge. Or, a chevron azure between two bears combatant gules
and a horseshoe inverted azure.

[Name] Based on <Radulfus filius Tokke> listed under the header <Tuck> on
page 456 of Reaney and Wilson, a variant of Tukka may be possible. We do not
have Black. But we are under the impression that Kirk should be done in a
name like "o' the Kirk" or "of Kirk", etc. Is it a valid standalone surname?

[Name] Tukka: The entry actually reads "Tukka a pet form of the Old Norse
Þorketill." It is mentioned as an Anglo-Scandanavian name which means it
could be Old Norse or Old English. Kirk: R&W gives Kirk as a header only.
The 1209 form is atte kireke which means at a church. Still, I suspect the
name is registerable.
----- End Excerpt from 200306AG.pdf -----

Fellows-Jensen, Gillian. Scandinavian Personal Names in Lincolnshire and
Yorkshire. Copenhagen. Akademisk Forlag. 1968. pp. 309-311 s.n.
<{TH}orketill> shows nothing like "Tukka" (and there was no entry under the
<T> section similar to "Tukka" either).  The Anglo-Scandinavian forms that
are closest are:

Gaufridum f. Turkil
{TH}urcyl (c.1030), also shown as {TH}urcil
Turkil f. Quenilde
Willelmo Turkyll (c.1198-1212)
William and Thomas Turkyl

Lena Peterson. Nordiskt runnamnslexikon. Språk- och folkminnes-institutet.
http://www.dal.lu.se/runlex/index.htm Accessed 30 May 2003.  s.n. <To'ki /
Tu'ki / Ty'ki> has:

O.Dan. <Toki> (Tokki), <Tuki>, <Tyki>
O.Swed. <Toke>, <Tuke>, <Tyke>
OW.Norse <To'ki>

Short form of <Þo'rk{ae}(ti)ll> or a compund with the <-ki> suffix and a
name in <{TH}o'r-> / <{TH}u'r->.  <Ty'ki> could also be formed by adding the
<-ia-> suffix to <*Tu'kiaR>.

The runic examples given are...

<toki> DR212C
<tuki> Ög70$, Ög189, Sö49, Vg197, U14, U755, DR53A, DR56, DR58, DR87A, DR91,
DR116$, DR123A, DR143A, DR258, DR278, DR315, DR343
<(t)uki> DR145
<[tuki]> Sö145-B
<tyki> Sm10
<-u(k)in> Sm10

<tuka> DR121$, DR219, DR296, DR297
<(t)u-a[s]> DR279$

<tuka> DR143B
<(t)(u)(k)(a)> DR295C

<toka> Sö252$
<[toki]> Sm2+
<tuk> Vg124(?)
<tuka> Ög209, Vg104, Vg114, U201, DR129, DR219, DR266A, DR295A, DR297,
DR324, DREM85;265
<t(u)ka> U586$
<[tuka]> Sö145+A
<tuki> Ög104

This is obviously much closer, but the <Tukka> he wants would clearly not be
the nominative form in Old Norse no matter what you do to it.	I'm not sure
what would happen if you hypothetically transplanted the Old West Norse
diminuitive <To'ki> to the Danelaw...


Gunnvor silfraharr

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