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Dr. Reaney didn't cite a source he used on Tukka.  If we knew where
he found it then we would know what books to search.  Since a citation from
Reaney and
Wilson is enough for registeration I would let sleeping dogs lie on this

He may base this conclusion on the Old Danish Tuki (which sounds like
a Norseman's remark when he just bit into a week old pastry.)

I would be curious if anyone finds it in the Old English but I would be
hesitant to add more to commentary without knowing where Reaney's
explanation come from.

Orle herald

>[Name] Tukka: The entry actually reads "Tukka a pet form of the Old Norse
>Þorketill." It is mentioned as an Anglo-Scandanavian name which means it
>could be Old Norse or Old English. Kirk: R&W gives Kirk as a header only.
>The 1209 form is atte kireke which means at a church. Still, I suspect the
>name is registerable.
>----- End Excerpt from 200306AG.pdf -----
>Fellows-Jensen, Gillian. Scandinavian Personal Names in Lincolnshire and
>Yorkshire. Copenhagen. Akademisk Forlag. 1968. pp. 309-311 s.n.
><{TH}orketill> shows nothing like "Tukka" (and there was no entry under the
><T> section similar to "Tukka" either).  The Anglo-Scandinavian forms that
>are closest are:
>Gaufridum f. Turkil
>{TH}urcyl (c.1030), also shown as {TH}urcil
>Turkil f. Quenilde
>Willelmo Turkyll (c.1198-1212)
>William and Thomas Turkyl
>Lena Peterson. Nordiskt runnamnslexikon. Språk- och folkminnes-institutet.
>http://www.dal.lu.se/runlex/index.htm Accessed 30 May 2003.  s.n. <To'ki /
>Tu'ki / Ty'ki> has:
>O.Dan. <Toki> (Tokki), <Tuki>, <Tyki>
>O.Swed. <Toke>, <Tuke>, <Tyke>
>OW.Norse <To'ki>
>Short form of <Þo'rk{ae}(ti)ll> or a compund with the <-ki> suffix and a
>name in <{TH}o'r-> / <{TH}u'r->.  <Ty'ki> could also be formed by adding
><-ia-> suffix to <*Tu'kiaR>.
>The runic examples given are...
><toki> DR212C
><tuki> Ög70$, Ög189, Sö49, Vg197, U14, U755, DR53A, DR56, DR58, DR87A,
>DR116$, DR123A, DR143A, DR258, DR278, DR315, DR343
><(t)uki> DR145
><[tuki]> Sö145-B
><tyki> Sm10
><-u(k)in> Sm10
><tuka> DR121$, DR219, DR296, DR297
><(t)u-a[s]> DR279$
><tuka> DR143B
><(t)(u)(k)(a)> DR295C
><toka> Sö252$
><[toki]> Sm2+
><tuk> Vg124(?)
><tuka> Ög209, Vg104, Vg114, U201, DR129, DR219, DR266A, DR295A, DR297,
>DR324, DREM85;265
><t(u)ka> U586$
><[tuka]> Sö145+A
><tuki> Ög104
>This is obviously much closer, but the <Tukka> he wants would clearly not
>the nominative form in Old Norse no matter what you do to it.	I'm not sure
>what would happen if you hypothetically transplanted the Old West Norse
>diminuitive <To'ki> to the Danelaw...
>Gunnvor silfraharr
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