[ANSTHRLD] May Commentary

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okstate.edu
Thu Jun 12 14:30:40 PDT 2003

To all you good heralds who send me commentary:

        I absolutely must have your MAY ILoI commentary in my in-box by
Friday, June 20. If you absolutely *must* be late please email me so that
I know it will be late - in which case I will want to see it in my in-box
on Monday morning, June 23. If it's not there then it won't be in the ICC.
Asterisk is wanting to move up the decision meeting to AHSS. I know we can
do this.

        So you have 8 days and counting to get me your commentary.

        Thanks so much for everyone's efforts.

        Estrill, Retiarius

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