[ANSTHRLD] RE: Need scan of Seibecker documentation

C. L. Ward gunnora at vikinganswerlady.com
Fri Jun 20 06:14:02 PDT 2003

Borek said:
>I am in need of a scan of the documentation
>for Ghertrud Scharber von Württenberg's first
>name. The documentation is from Wilfried Seibicke,
>Historisches Deutsches Namanbudi, II, pg 166,
>dating Ghertrud to 1366. The rest of the
>documentation is out of Bahlow.

I've found some additional documentation for the name <Ghertrud>, on-line
where the pages needed can simply be printed out:

Given Names in the Low Lands 1250-1300 by Dr. Kees Nieuwenhuijsen

Cites the spelling <Ghertrud> from:

Statuten en ledenlijst van de broederschap van Sint-Jacob in het
Sint-Jacobsgodshuis te Gent (Sint-Jansparochie), 1270 - 1301 Article nrs 92,
93, 94 in: M. Gysseling (ed.), Corpus van Middelnederlandse Teksten (tot en
met het jaar 1300), Reeks I: Ambtelijke Bescheiden, Nijhoff, 's-Gravenhage,
[Regulations and list of members of the fraternity of Sint-Jan in Ghent
during the last quarter of the 13th century, in Middle Dutch. About 850
names of Flemish citizens; although it's a fraternity, the list contains
over 100 feminine names.]

Just looking, that <Gh-> mutation at the front seems quite common in the
Dutch and Flemish names from Germanic <Ger-> and related roots.  Dunno why,
but I see it happens in several names, masculine and feminine, in the Low


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