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There the viking answer lady is when you need her.

How do you form the Norse patronymic for son of Andreas?
Is it one s or two?

orle herald

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>Just as a note, the Sweish Språk- och folkminnesinstitutet (Institute for
>Dialectology, Onomastics and Folklore Research) is beginning to web
>"Sveriges Medeltida Personnamn" (Swedish Medieval Personal Names) at
>Even folks who do not read Swedish shouldn't have much trouble using this
>excellent resource.  Here's a small part of the entry for the first name:
>ABIORN, lat. Abernus
>Nom.: Abiorn 1352 ff., Abyorn 1381-1460; Abiørn 1389 ff., Abyørn 1390-1456,
>Aabiørn 11395, 1447, 1477; Abiærn 1443; Abbiørn 1490; (lat.) Aborn 1307;
>Abørn 1393, 1491, Abøirn 1421.
>Most helpfully for heraldic purposes, they're listing the dates those names
>are attested after each one.  The grammatical case of the name is also
>shown.  I included only the nominative case forms here, but this particular
>entry goes on for several pages.  You will need the free Adobe Acrobat
>reader to access this resource, and if you don't know what that is or how
>use it, write me off-list and I'll help you.
>Right now they only have A-H up.  To access the list, click the link which
>says "Ordboken A till Holmger" (Dictionary A-Holmger).  The various
>abbreviations in use are detailed in the "Förkortningar" link and most are
>close enough to the English terms that they need little explanation (or
>write me if you get totally lost).
>Got a client who wants to be Scandinavian but later period than the Viking
>Age?  This is your resource.
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