[ANSTHRLD] More on Fa{i'}lenn de Maurienne

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Fri May 23 11:35:00 PDT 2003

The French it seems have changed their mind again.

Morlet lists la Maurienne so the name would be

Fa{i'}lenn de la Maurienne

orle herald

09/2002 LoAR (Calontir, Acceptances):

Gabrielle de La Roche. Name and device. Per pale Or and gules, a swan
naiant contourny sable.
     Submitted as Gabrielle la Roche, La Roche is the name of a location,
and so would take the preposition de. We have changed the byname to match
documented forms in order to register this name.

06/2002 LoAR (Atenveldt, Acceptances):
Suzanne du Soleil. Name.
     Listed on the LoI as Suzanne du Soliel, this name was submitted as
Suzanne du Soleil. There was some question about the plausibility of the
byname du Soleil, 'of the sun'. Clarion found support for this form of the
     Morlet, Dictionnaire Étymologique des Noms de Famille (the updated
Dauzat), pg. 905, s.n. Soleil, gives Soleil as a hamlet name, which makes
du Soleil plausible.
     It is important to note that this entry in Morlet lists Le Soleil as a
variant of this placename. Therefore, du Soleil (du being a contraction of
de le) is a valid locative byname based on the placename referenced in

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