[ANSTHRLD] Fa{i'}lenn de Maurienne

doug bell magnus77840 at hotmail.com
Fri May 23 10:55:22 PDT 2003

> > the name is Fai'lenn du la Maurienne

An nice source for Da'ud notation is this chart.
It also gives you a pallet to cut and paste the
strange non-English letters them there furrin names use.

You may have to change your Windows font to use the set.

>"du la" is incorrect.  du == "de le", so that would be "de le la", and
>two articles would be incorrect.  I don't know whether being of a
>region takes an article ("de la") or no ("de").

Oh no! Daniel is out in le la land again.
Well, we can pardon his French.

I would submit it as Fa{i'}lenn de Maurienne and allow the CoA
to research it.  We have folks who speak French fluently around.

It comes down to 'of' versus 'of the' in French.
Usually a village or province doesn't take the article so it is de = of.
Some exceptions are a location named after a physical object.
Murat is a wall and also the name of a village so it gets
du not de, du being a contraction of de le = of the.

>However, it has been ruled to be just one "weirdness" (the short term

The French have only one thing weird about them?

orle herald

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