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"Joseph Percer" <jpercer at stx.rr.com> wrote:
> the name is Fai'lenn du la Maurienne

Apostrophes don't occur in the middle of names in Irish.  If you're
trying to represent a / accent over the "i", then to avoid confusion,
you should use either the real character or Daúd notation.  The
real character is Faílenn on my screen -- but e-mail is not
necessarily 8-bit /Latin-1 safe, so some people reading this e-mail
may not see such an accented "i".  I suggest Da'ud notation, which was
designed for just this kind of situation: Fa{i'}lenn.

"du la" is incorrect.  du == "de le", so that would be "de le la", and
two articles would be incorrect.  I don't know whether being of a
region takes an article ("de la") or no ("de").

Mixing Gaelic and French is pretty much impossible in period terms.
However, it has been ruled to be just one "weirdness" (the short term
to mean "we'll let this slide, but you just lost any benefit of the
doubt on anything else unusual"):
Maura MacPharlain, 02/00, as cited in

Daniel de Lincolia
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