[ANSTHRLD] House Porto - Household name and badge

doug bell magnus77840 at hotmail.com
Thu May 29 13:03:19 PDT 2003

>Miguel Sebastian da Oporto
>Is "da" Portuguese for the Spanish "de" or English "of/from"?

Da one of the Portuguese location prepositions.  De can also
be used.  The gender of the noun determines this like
French and Spanish.  In Gaelic and German you also have
case to deal with on articles and prepostions.

>Is it possible that someone (Asterisk? Or someone who attends the
>Pelican meetings in Bryn Gwlad?) could check the files on the
>documentation for the locative looking ending?  If we understand how it
>was documented in 2000 and passed, perhaps that will open new
>alternatives for "Oporto" that do not conflict with "Porto".

I documented it from the Atlas of Medieval Europe by Donald Mathew, Facts On
File, Inc, New York page 70 gives Oporto as a port city in Portugal
recaptured from the Moors in 868.
In this context anyone could be from this city.  Using it as a house name is
a claim
to be Portugese nobility.  His Majesty is king of Ansteorra not Portugal.

I suspect the CoA would scream loudly about this.  There are a lot of
in our name rules but the Presumption rules on place-names are very strict.

>But, "da Oporto" may be a different meaning than "of the city Porto".  I
>do not know and only a file check or an email from His Majesty will tell
>us what was the documentation behind what he submitted.

Unhappily, it does mean of the city Porto in Portugal.
I can find no way to register this that avoids presumption.

All I can say is consult with name heralds when choosing any
SCA name and register it right away.  I have seen too many
disappointments caused by waiting over the years.
Conflicts and newer research can cause some names to
become unregisterable.  There also may be rule
changes that eliminate some non-period names
from the pool.

best I can do with this one
Orle herald

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