[ANSTHRLD] House Porto - Household name and badge

Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at bmc.com
Thu May 29 13:27:11 PDT 2003

>>But, "da Oporto" may be a different meaning than "of the city Porto".  I
>>do not know and only a file check or an email from His Majesty will tell
>>us what was the documentation behind what he submitted.
>Unhappily, it does mean of the city Porto in Portugal.
>I can find no way to register this that avoids presumption.

Maybe I'm not reading this right (I'm fighting a migraine at the moment)...
 Anyway, <da Oporto> means 'from/of [the city of] Oporto' rather than
'from/of [the city of] Porto'.

(going off to take more Advil now...)

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