[ANSTHRLD] November Ansteorran Gazette

Jennifer Smith jds at randomgang.com
Mon Nov 10 18:24:52 PST 2003

The November issue of the Ansteorran Gazette is (rather, has been) out.
The print version went into the mail early last week; the electronic
version is available on the website at the usual spot:

Apologies for the delay in uploading the electronic version.  

I will be putting a note in the December Gazette about print
subscriptions for the 2004 year, but thought I'd go ahead and plug it
here as well.  Subscriptions cost only $12 (that's $1 a month)! For that
price you get the Ansteorran Gazette printed out nicely with much
sharper graphics than the electronic PDF, mailed to your address. The
print version generally winds up in peoples' hands on or before the
electronic version upload date.

Email me for payment information.

-Emma de Fetherstan
Obelisk Herald

Jennifer Smith
jds at randomgang.com

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