[ANSTHRLD] Website Announcement Omissions

Estencele Pursuivant of Ansteorra estencele at ansteorra.org
Mon Nov 10 20:40:22 PST 2003

It would seem, in my earlier announcement regarding the new CoH website, I mentioned "Regional and Baronial level officers".  I neglected to mention those of Shires, Cantons, Colleges, and Strongholds.  Further, I errantly omitted nests, covens, dens and colonies (not to mention the ubiquitous Cellach-tives).  I'd be in utter dismay if I forgot, hives, guilds, covens, congresses, law firms, transients, migrant farm workers, and jailed former politicians. This was an error in phraseology and was meant as a slight to none.

God Bless ALL Ansteorrans!

Cellach Ferguson
Estencele Pursuivant
Kingdom of Ansteorra
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