[ANSTHRLD] contrast.

ravenrux@cox.net ravenrux at cox.net
Mon Apr 5 05:35:24 PDT 2004

Daniel wrote:

iv.  Elements evenly divided into multiple parts of two different
 tinctures must have good contrast between their parts.

 For example, "checky argent and gules" is acceptable, but "checky
 azure and gules" is not.

I guess I don't understand this.  Why do azure and gules not have good contrast?  I understand sable and azure or sable and purpure, but why doesn't gules have good contrast with all the other colors?  What this seems to say is that, unless you have a field that is divided into 2,3 or 4 parts, the rule of color next to a color doesn't apply.

Masamune the Confused.

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