[ANSTHRLD] A call to all Heralds...

R C greywalker1 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 19 06:32:57 PDT 2004

 I seek your knowledge and wisdom concerning being a
Herald. Young and older, new and experienced, vocal
and paper. I am a very new Herald, and being Equinox
is a bit daunting for me. I seek to learn useful
information to pass on to novice Heralds in my region.
Please share the things you now wished you knew when
you very first became a Herald. What are the first
things that come to mind that you always want to share
with a new Herald? Please share any info and or
experiences that you feel would benefit a new Herald.
Let me know mistakes you made so that I may learn from
them too, and pass that on to others. Tips on Vocal
Heraldry, Paper Heraldry, or general things to make
the office easier and more interesting for a novice
Herald. Please let me know these things on or off list
so that many can benefit from this knowledge.

Tarasii syn Dmitrii Rostislavich , Equinox Herald

Because we love forever, We live forever. ab initio, ad infinitum...

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